Table Top

Blueceiling has acquired a tabletop collection that has been 40+ years in the making and has merged with items that represent today’s aesthetic. It consists of original pieces from well-known brands, items from around the world and local artisans. Makers including Heath, M M Clay, Jered, Canvas, Dansk, Le Creuset, Asa, Jars, Eva Zweisel, Chilewich, Wedgewood, Reidel, Bauer, Astier de Villatte, Mud, Sasaki black and white, Emile Henry, Creamware from France, Chamba from Colombia, Antigua Mexican, pottery from Puebla, Tajines and glassware from Marrekesh, Transferware, Jadeite, Yellowware, Petalware, Pfaltzgraff, Denby, Hasamifrom Japan, Alex Marshall, Sasaki, Pigeon Toe,Atelier Dion, Cousances, and Copco, to name a few. The available wares range from dishes, platters, flatware, glassware, cake stands and pie tins, mugs, teacups, tea pots, cutting boards, cookware and bakeware including mixing bowls, measuring spoons, abundant ramekins, serving and mixing utensils, etc… All in a rainbow of colors and a variety of materials.

With this combined collection, stylists will be able to reach into the past for stories to help them tell tomorrow’s tales.